Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need an assessment? Can’t I just pick out my own equipment without having someone come to my house?

While we never require anyone to have an in-home assessment in order to purchase a Smithville Security system, we highly recommend it. Our Assessment Specialists will make recommendations based on the layout and size of your home — customers repeatedly find that often the assessment ends up saving them money, because left to their own decision-making they would have purchased equipment they didn’t need.

The assessments are free of charge and generally take less than an hour. It’s the first step in feeling assured that your home will be adequately protected.

2. Monitoring my home while I’m away is really important to me. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Our Total Connect package means that you can control your security system from your smart phone or the internet — anywhere, anytime. Unlike other companies that offer separate apps for the garage door, the front door, lights, etc., Total Connect is a centralized app that makes it easy to access and control your system remotely.

3. What happens when the alarm goes off? Are emergency responders notified? What if I accidentally set off the alarm?

The homeowner controls the call list in the event of an alarm, and is notified first to avoid false alarms. If the homeowner can’t be reached, then the first responders will be notified.

4. I’d like to have video surveillance. Is that available?

Yes, video surveillance is available at an extra charge for equipment. You can view live video from any web-enabled device when using Smithville Fiber services.

5. How do I get Total Connect services and Automation with my security system?

Total Connect is enabled with an internet communicator that is learned in to your home router. For Automation services it requires Z-Wave technology that can control lights, door locks, and garage door openers to name a few.

6. Does having a security system affect my homeowner’s insurance?

Many insurance carriers offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance for homes with security systems, but you should check with your carrier to see if they offer a discount. Most insurance campanies give a larger discount for having a monitored smoke detector as well.