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Protecting your home and everyone in it is crucial. When locks, insurance and even the most fierce watchdog aren’t giving you that peaceful, easy feeling, it’s time to consider a security system.

But not just any residential security system. Smithville Security uses Honeywell, the #1 rated security equipment available. On top of that, we offer home monitoring you can access from wherever you are on your mobile device or the internet.

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Home Automation
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Take your Home to the Next Level

The Honeywell Lyric system enhances the features of your home security package, transporting you into full home automation territory. Working with Honeywell’s proprietary two-way wireless technology, Lyric offers whole-house protection and the first step to home automation.

The Lyric Package includes:

Additional Accessories

Worried about floods, heat loss, or environmental issues? We have a product for you.

  • Contact sensor
  • Glass-breaks sensor
  • Asset Protection devices
  • Motion detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Heat detector
  • Siren
  • Temperature sensors
  • Flood detector
  • Lyric Controller
  • 3 Door/window sensors
  • Motion Sensor
  • Two-way wireless keyfob
  • Yard signage
  • Window decals
  • 24-hour battery backup
  • Cellular monitoring

Talk to your home today?
Get Honeywell Lyric from Smithville.

Our Standard Lyric Package features equipment manufactured by Honeywell, ranked #1 in the security industry. Easy to use, this package provides protection that allows you to breathe easier.

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Total Connect. Total Confidence.

Total Connect offers the programming to connect to your Honeywell security and home automation products seamlessly together.

Need protection and information on the go? The Honeywell Total Connect system from Smithville gives you the power to control your security system and home automation devices from your mobile device or the internet with these upgrades.

Total Connect Upgrades:


Access customized local weather right on your touchscreen.


Customized local weather, traffic and news at your fingertips.


Imagine being able to do things like:

  • Adjust your home's temperature
  • Close your garage door
  • Turn lights on or off
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Check on activity inside your home


Receive alerts with video clips and view live video on your mobile device.
Secure your home with up to six cameras, inside and out.
Stay connected with your home from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet or computer.

To see video of Total Connect in action, check out our Vimeo page.

Your Lyric system will even show you who disarms your alarm. Watch here.

For a demo of Total Connect and Z-Wave technology please visit the Technology Powered by Smithville store:

4011 S. Old State Road 37 | Bloomington, IN 47404


Tie all your technology together — including security, cameras, lights, locks, thermostats — through home automation.

Standard Automation*

Close your garage door, adjust your thermostat and lock/unlock the front door — all remotely from your smart phone! Our Total Connect System works beautifully with Z-Wave Automation technology and other Internet of Things devices. Your Smithville Security system allows you to experience the magic of a connected, smart home.

Home Automation*

Home automation gives you total security for your home and loved ones, solving issues before they start and alerting authorities in case of a fire or attempted break-in. It also saves you money though lowered insurance premiums and energy savings. It even increases the resale value of your house!

Learn more about home automation by downloading our FREE white paper on the advantages of home security and home automation.

* Requires Total Connect and Z-Wave Card


SkyBell Video Doorbell
Automated Light Module
Automated Thermostat
Automated Push Button Lock

SkyBell Video Doorbell

To see video of Total Connect in action, check out our Vimeo page.

For a demo of Total Connect and Z-Wave technology please visit the Technology Powered by Smithville store:

4011 S. Old State Road 37 | Bloomington, IN 47404

Valid through 2017
Valid through 2017
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